Bujaruelo Valley



Bujaruelo Valley


El Valle de Bujaruelo, nestled on the banks of the Ara River, is one of the most spectacular and stunning valleys of the Pyrenees. Full of contrast, from footpaths across the beech and fir tree forests in the lower area to the steep peaks, such as the Otal Peak and the Vignemale mountain range. This variety of landscape makes it suitable for all ages and likings.


Moreover this valley, offers thrilling canyoning activities, like the Lapazosa or the Cebollar gorges, and hidden underground, below the Tendeñera Mountain range, one of the biggest cave systems of Spain, the Arañonera System, with more than 40 kms of cavities.


A great variety of excursions can be undertaken, we highlight The Ibón de Bernatura, The Otal Valley, El Puerto de Bujaruelo, The Ara Valley, The Ordiso Ibones, Fachaguasa, Cebollar etc. With regards to climbing the Vigneale and The Taillon stand out because of their height, two peaks over the 3000 metres. Other peaks like Otal y Tendeñera are also spectacular even when they do not reach such heights.


Visitors will be able to enjoy breathtaking views and stunning scenery due to the incredible diversity of flora and fauna in the Bujaruelo valley, which includes many rare species such as the lammergeier and the illusive desman.



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